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Blue Collar Vapor Company

Think bold.

Forged upon hard work, and dedication. Giving it all when you have none. Thinking loud, making change, and being heard. Blue Collar Vapor Company pays homage to the hands that build this great nation with a top shelf e-liquid that works as hard as you do. Keeping the working class in mind, Blue Collar Vapor Company prides itself on making a premium product at an affordable price. Handcrafted in Ohio with only the finest ingredients, Blue Collar Vapor Company delivers a flavorful start, with a crisp, clean finish without embellishing the product with overly involved flavors. From the steel mill to the garage, you can count on Blue Collar Vapor Company to deliver the first time, and every time. When you reach for your bottle of Blue Collar remember to think loud, make change, and be heard. We make smooth flavors for bold minds.

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Bearcats Blood

This smooth concoction of sweet strawberries, juicy watermelon, and creamy coconut, will bring back nostalgic memories of summer, and a certain frozen treat.

Opening Day

So many bananas in one bottle! This delicious combination of ripe, and candy bananas, is as sweet as the unofficial Cincinnati holiday it is named after.

The Big O

A company favorite! Tangy, yet sweet blast of orange with a hint of cream.


Sweet cotton candy, with tart blue raspberry candies sprinkled throughout.

Great American Apple Pie

Crisp, warm, apples, inside of a caramel drizzled crust, with a dash of cream. You’ll swear we stole your mother’s recipe.

Purple People

A grape candy flavor, reminiscent of a powdery candy you ate as a kid.


Juicy watermelon bubblegum. It’s as good as you remember.

Freezer Bowl

A flavor we all know and love. Rainbow sherbet.

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