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Choosing the Right Vape Juice Nicotine Strength For Your Vape Juice

Choosing the Right Vape Juice Nicotine Strength For Your Vape Juice
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Are you just getting into vaping? If so, you're probably a little confused about what you need to buy in order to have the best vaping experience possible.

One thing that can be very confusing for beginning vapers is nicotine strength.

How strong does the nicotine need to be in your vape liquid? How do you know what's too little and what's too much?

Figuring out the right nicotine strength is actually a pretty straightforward process.

Read on to learn how to choose the right nicotine strength for vaping.

Understand What the Numbers Mean

E-liquid bottles display nicotine strengths in terms of milligrams. The more milligrams, the higher level of nicotine strength the e-liquid has.

Choose a nicotine strength that's too high for you, and you'll likely burn your throat and not enjoy the experience. Choose one that's too low, and you won't feel anything at all and also won't enjoy the experience.

The strength of nicotine ranges from 0 mg to 36 mg. To give you an idea, a cigarette has 16 mg of nicotine in it. Let's now go into how to figure out the exact number that will work best for you.

What Kind of Smoker Are You?

Many people pick up vaping as a way to quit cigarettes. But, not everyone does this.

In order to figure out your nicotine strength, you need to decide what "level" of smoker you are. So, ask yourself:

  • Am I vaping so that I can quit smoking once and for all?
  • Do I smoke a moderate amount and am looking to slowly transition into vaping?
  • Do I not smoke at all and am only doing vaping for fun?

Let's take a look at what your nicotine strength should be depending on your answer.

Looking to Quit Smoking

If you're looking to quit smoking entirely, then you'll want to start with a nicotine strength that's a little bit higher.

In general, it's not recommended that you immediately start out with 16 mg, as this amount can still be harsh on your throat, even if you are a heavy smoker. 12 mg is what most heavy smokers start out with. You can then adjust up or down based on how that makes you feel.

Moderate Smoker

Those who are moderate smokers typically find that somewhere between the 3 to 6 mg range is their sweet spot.

Just like heavy smokers, you should start with a conservative number and then adjust from there.

Vaping for Fun

Those who fall into the "fun" category may find that they don't need any nicotine in their vape liquid at all.

If this is you, you'll probably want to focus on finding that right vape flavor, as the taste will provide the pleasure for you, rather than the nicotine strength.

If you still want to test out vaping with nicotine, start out with a very low number, somewhere between 1 and 3 mg.

Nicotine Strength: Now You're Ready to Buy

As you can see, figuring out your nicotine strength is pretty simple.

The best thing to do is pick a conservative number and then go up or down from there based on your experience.

If you have questions about choosing your nicotine strength, please drop us a comment below or get in contact with us today.