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How to Clean Your Vape Coils and Tanks

How to Clean Your Vape Coils and Tanks
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When you make the move from e-cig to vape, your first thought is probably to get the nicest parts for a mod or a vape pen. That's great! There are so many exciting options to choose from because the market has gotten so huge in recent years.

You can entirely customize your vaping experience, and that's something you should be excited about. That being said, those nicer vape components need more maintenance than your old e-cig.

Neglecting your vape can hurt its function, even making it useless in some cases. It's essential that you clean it regularly. We'll cover how you should clean your vape coils and tanks in this article to make sure that your parts are clean and in working condition.

Cleaning Your Vape Coils and Tanks

It isn't like you have to constantly clean your device every time you use it. Your vape tank, for example, will only need to be cleaned every time you change flavors. This prevents buildup from happening, and it keeps the flavors you're using pure.

How to Clean a Vape Tank

The process for a simple cleaning is pretty straightforward. Use the following method when you change flavors:

Run some hot water and fill a bowl of it. Take your vape tank and empty it out, disassemble it, and set your tank down in the bowl of water. Wash it off and rub parts of it that still have substance on them until the tank is clean.

Then take a paper towel and dry it off, let it sit so the parts you can't reach have time to dry, and put it back onto your device.

If you need to do a deeper clean, you can use alcohol to wipe down and rinse your tank. This will break down the substances that have been sitting for a long time. Just make sure that you wipe it clean with warm water when you're done.

How to Change a Vape Coil

Coils are a little more difficult to spot when they need to be cl. It's not as visually apparent that the coil is dirty or in need of repair, so you have to use a couple of cues.

First, you'll notice that the vape flavor is a little more burnt when you need to replace the coil. It will sometimes get darker when it's really dirty as well. If neither of those happens, it's best to replace them once every week or two.

When the time comes, you simply remove the tank, remove the liquid, twist off your coil, and screw a new one in. The process is straightforward, and the real trick is getting a feel for when you should change them.

Want to Make the Most of Your Vape?

When your vape coils are changed, your tank is clean and you're ready to vape, what's the use of using a low-quality juice? If you want to have the best experience possible, get creative with the e-liquid you choose.

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