The Doctor is in.

Do you find yourself worn out on your daily vape by the end of the bottle? This has been an increasingly common symptom experienced by the vaping community that we have committed to solving. After rounds of testing, we can confidently say we’ve found the answer! Our stimulating tonics have been formulated to vitalize your senses with a range of flavors from tart fruits to freshly baked pastries. For proper usage, begin with a couple drips on some freshly wicked cotton, increasing as needed. Our tonics are also effective in tanks, just pick the method you prefer! Whether your ailments include disappointing flavors or stifled clouds, Dr. Big Vapes is the remedy you’ve been looking for.

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Let the energy of Spring invigorate you with a kiss of lemon and sweet blueberry, nestled in the buttery goodness of a scone. Artfully crafted, Vigor provides a unique, stimulating effect that is truly tantalizing. If you’ve got Spring Fever, the Doctor has the cure for you!

Kona Nostrum

A rich tropical medley, ripe with subtle complexities. Harnessing the perfect balance of sweet and tart, Kona Nostrum is a lively rush of pineapple and red berry. From start to finish, this exciting blend is a big wave of Hawaiian flavor.

Doc's Custard

Doc’s Custard will satisfy your sweet tooth with the flavor of Grandma’s gingerbread cookies, the creaminess of vanilla custard, fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon rolls and the rich smokiness of molasses. It’s time for some good old fashioned holiday cheer.

Dulce Ambrosia

Rich, creamy, and decadent, Dulce Ambrosia arouses a deliciously dessert-like experience. The unmistakable intricacies of cheesecake come to life in this luscious assortment. Spoil 
yourself with Dulce Ambrosia’s rich and savory vapor.

Patch's Elixir

This mix of watermelon and berry yields an exhilarating vapor full of sugary-sweet delight. Patch’s mellow melon offers a pleasant body while the candy-like berries liven the elixir.

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