Doode Joose

Drip Precision Flavor

Doode Joose has been formulated from the belief that juice should be universal. Months of meticulous development were the basis of creating quality juices with flavors that deliver regardless of your device or temperature setting. The dedication to these ideals stems from the standard of excellence held by the creator, Squidoode. Known within the vaping community as the creator of some of the major coils builds used in dripping today (Fused Clapton, Staggered Fused Clapton, Framed Staple, etc.), Squidoode wanted the same commitment he puts into his coils to be tasted in his juice.


Juicy pears and crisp apples collide in a creamy mix, to create this sweet, delectable blend.


A delicious, freshly baked blueberry muffin with a cooling finish unlike any you've tasted before, sure to bring you back for another bite.


A tropical blend of exotic coconuts and pineapples, sure to take your taste buds for a refreshing ride.

Bottles of Doode Joose