Free Shipping Information

Here at Flavors United we know that we live in an on demand world. We created our shipping policy around that simple fact. We don’t just offer free shipping; we guarantee it! Completing your retail order by 2PM EST during the weekdays will automatically put you into that guarantee. What does our guarantee mean? If we don’t ship out your order by end of day we will refund the shipping and provide a coupon code for your next order. Yup, that means if we fail on our expectations we won’t penalize you for it. This means you will get your order faster, and you can spend more time doing what you like to do. Did I mention that all orders above $50 get free priority shipping? Just remember to check mark Priority Mail instead of First Class mail when the options are given! So let’s explain EXACTLY what the different mailing options of USPS are and help you to choose the best option!

We have changed this policy as we are no longer legally allowed to give away 'free' product as of 8/8/2016.

Delivery Information

Below we will be talking about each of the mailing options, as well as whether or not they are guaranteed or not. Plus it helps with knowing exactly what USPS means when it says 1-Day/2-Day/3-Day.

Priority Mail Express 1-Day / Priority Mail Express 2-Day:
Average Shipping Time: 1.4 Days
This is the fastest shipping method you can select from USPS. It will appear as either the 1-Day or 2-Day and that will give you an idea on whether it will arrive next day or two days later. This is the only option that is guaranteed by USPS, so if it does not make it within the 1-2 day period please let us know so we can issue a refund for your shipping and get a refund from the United States Post Office so you don’t have to! This is also the most expensive mailing option that is offered.

Priority Mail 3-Day / Priority Mail 2-Day / Priority Mail 1-Day:
Average Shipping Time: 2.5 Days
This is the second fastest shipping method that is offered from USPS. It will appear as one of the Priority Mail options above. Now this is somewhat confusing, as depending on where you live they offered a 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day option. But it’s NOT guaranteed. It’s just the estimated arrival time of the package. This option we offer for free on orders above $50.

First-Class Mail Parcel:
Average Shipping Time: 2.9 Days
This is the ‘Slowest’ shipping option that is offered by USPS. It will appear as First-Class Mail Parcel in the shipping option. This option is always free regardless of order size. This option may disappear if the order surpasses its weight limit though. 13oz is the most this package can weigh. Normally if you pass this thresh hold you already hit the free priority mail option.