Grand Cru

Vape Grand Cru.

By definition, Grand Cru stands for “superior quality” and “highest reputation.” The Grand Cru line of e-liquid was born from the desire to give vapers the best experience possible. It is crafted for the advanced vaper who craves delectable, bold flavors and maximum cloud production. Using only the highest quality American-made USP grade ingredients and no added PG, Grand Cru delivers on its promise to raise the bar for the vaping community.

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Flaky strudel pastry layered with a rich blackberry apple filling and sweet cinnamon sugar.


A fresh baked key lime cupcake topped with velvety cream cheese frosting.


Crisp guava sherbet with a topping of juicy apricots and sliced green apples.


A light and refreshing blend of diced melons infused with sweet hibiscus.

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