1. Bottom Deal
    We snuck this one in on you. The blissful taste of banana pancakes topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon.

    Imagine the perfect lazy sunday brunch: Fresh Ripe Bananas; Thick buttermilk pancake batter; and Fresh Ground Cinnamon. Our goal with this vape is to give you the most genuine tastiing banana pancake with a touch of realistic cinnamon-spice flavor. With a flavor this sly, you'd better keep a close eye or else you'll miss out! Learn More
  2. The 52 - Cold Deck 15ml
    The never saw it coming. This key lime is a Tangy taste of the tropics with a dollop of whipped cream that has the cards stacked in your favor.

    A Unique blend of tropical fruits have been meticulously blended to deliver a sharp but succulent flavor. Caramelized sugar gives this liquid just the perfect amount of toasted notes and sweetness, and a generous serving of cream was added to balance out the palate. When the game shifts, it's good to be the house and it's always a winner with key lime pie! Learn More