1. Blue Collar Vapor - Bearcat's Blood
    Bearcat's Blood by Blue Collar Vapor Company is the smooth concoction that nostalgic memories are made of. The taste of sweet strawberries, wonderful watermelon, and creamy coconut, will bring back summer, while the vapor refreshes your mind and mouth. Keep this bottle close to keep alive the best memories of your favorite season. 78% VG. Learn More
  2. Blue Collar Vapor - Freezer Bowl
    Freezer Bowl by Blue Collar Vapor is a fun and playful flavor that will take you back to the days of hanging out in the ice cream shop. It's Rainbow Sherbert flavor profile will brighten up your day, and keep your sweet tooth satisfied. Grab your spoons, ladies and gentlemen, and get ready to devour this frozen treat. 81% VG. Learn More