The 52 E Liquid

Let us deal you in.

Drawing dead on a Cold Deck? Getting ganged up on by Collusion? Unfortunate seat selection next to the Hustler? Does a Bottom Deal explain the Cooler you’ve been on all night? It’s just not your night at the table. Vape and chill until fortune swings your way. At least you’re vaping the best juice at the table.

A chip and a chair. That’s all a gambler needs to run the table. Knowing how to read a player; when to bluff, call, raise, or fold. Whether you’re buying the pot or sweating a coin flip, The 52 Juice has flavors to keep you from going on tilt. Sit back and relax. All-in is a lifestyle.

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An exuberant taste of kiwi, strawberry, and a punch of mango that changes the game.

Cold Deck

A tangy taste of the tropics with a dollop of whipped cream that has the cards stacked in your flavor.

Bottom Deal

The blissful taste of banana pancakes topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon.


A delicious sensation of a bright, fruit breakfast cereal that keeps you guessing how we pulled this one off.


A crooked collaboration of strawberries and cream. The perfect blend of a smooth cream inhale/exhale with a mellow strawberry hit.

Bottles of The 52 E Liquid