Why We Verify Age?

As an Electronic E-Liquid retailer, we have to do things a little bit differently. Did you know that 42 of the states in the US have passed laws mandating consumers be age verified before making any purchases online? We take this very seriously, and rather than be just another company that tosses up another 'Click Here if you are over legal smoking age'. We have implemented an Age Verification system. The current system works about 80% of the time and over the age consumers will be verified, this leaves 1 out of 5 customers not being able to be verified through our system.

Based upon the information you've enter we were not able to verify your age. Normally this could be something as simple as a typo in your shipping address or entering the wrong date of birth. Please double check these fields. If you continue to have issues please open a customer support ticket or call us at (844) 482-1748 and we can manually authorize your account.

If you see the above message during checkout it means that you may have a typo in your address or entered the wrong birthdate. If you review these fields and still have issues please call us at (844) 482-1748 or open up a Support Ticket and choose Age Verification. We will walk you through the manual age verification process. The nice thing about this process is that we will create an account or we can edit your account so that you are manually verified. This will maintain that you are verified up until you change your shipping address. If you change your shipping address during checkout or in account settings this will unflag your account and you will need to be verified again.